Data Centers are networked computer servers and devices that process, distribute and store precious data. They have rigorous security and safety requirements related to the protection of their assets and their reputation, to the execution of policies and procedures, and to regulatory compliance. To achieve the right level of security, Frankton Group help our Data Center clients identify the internal and external threats.’’ Services provided include

Physical Site Security

Frankton has a long history of providing physical, technical and bespoke integrated security services. Through a specialist vulnerability assessment (SVA) we will recommend an efficient solution for our clients needs to maximise asset protection within given fixed budgets.
Our teams ensure full coverage of site vulnerabilities, which are continually reviewed, assessed, and adapted over time. They regularly report back to our 24 hour monitoring stations which provide support through site monitoring, tracking and response teams as and when required.
Security Systems
Frankton Group has a team of dedicated professional Security System designers and installation engineers. We can design install and monitor a range of electrical surveillance systems ranging from conventional CCTV and alarms to the latest IP Cameras, audio devices and access control to your Data Center.
Security Risk Management Consultancy
Frankton Group have a large team of dedicated and experienced security and risk consultants. We bring a wealth of knowledge of operating in various countries and challenging environments around the world including Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our consultants can provide solutions and ongoing support with vulnerability, threat and security assessments, and surveys or bespoke reporting on specific countries and regions required.
Site Security Vulnerability Assessment
These are specialist assessments designed to precisely explore the vulnerability to known intelligence about adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.
Site Security Plan
A site security plan documents measures to counter identified risks to your organisation’s functions and resources at the Data Center Site.
Red Teaming (pen test)
We look in detail at the adversary capability, intent and tactics techniques and procedures.
Cyber Risk Management Consultancy
Frankton can help you transform our approach to cyber risk, security and resilience.

With a well informed Cyber Risk Management process, coupled with Cyber intelligence, you can prepare to address the threats as they arise and respond to them effectively. This is why we created our Cyber Risk Management Service.

Cyber Effects and Services – Defensive
In terms of Defensive Cyber Security and resilience we provide the following services:
Key Holding &
Alarm Response

Our Key Holding and Alarm response service eliminates the inconvenience of you attending false alarm activations. It can also assist you in fulfilling your duty of care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of a genuine activation.

In accordance with BS7984 requirements, Frankton will act as your primary key holder and respond to alarm activations, on your behalf. In the3 event of your alarm being activated, our 24 hour monitoring station will liaise with your Alarm Receiving Center, verify the cause of the activation and if necessary, liaise with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf to re secure your premises as quickly as possible.