Facilities Management

Streamlining Operations with Comprehensive Facilities Management

Frankton Group is your trusted partner for comprehensive facilities management. We tackle everything, from commercial cleaning to landscaping, creating an optimized, hassle-free workspace for your business to thrive.


Frankton Group has many years of experience in commercial cleaning throughout the UK, and our dedicated team understands the challenges that come with various types of commercial cleaning services.


Frankton Group offer professional Concierge security to Commercial offices, Hotels, High end Residential, and front of house at various other industry premises.

Pest Control

We provide tailored Pest Control Solutions to suit the requirements of businesses and pest issues. We offer several pest control solutions for greater flexibility for all types of businesses.


Frankton Group provide Mechanical and Electrical services to various construction, operational facilities, and corporate real estate.
Frankton carry out efficient running of the critical and non-critical M&E services.

Furniture and Appliances

Frankton Group offer business solution supplies, including various Furniture and appliances, so our clients have everything need to keep their business running. Our aim is to help you maximise efficiencies within your business.


Frankton Group have a team of highly experienced and qualified landscaping team to help you deliver a successful project. In addition, Frankton service offers both public and private sector organisations.


Experience Top-Notch Facilities Management services provided by our experts.

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