Security Services

Secure Your Success with Professional Protection

At Frankton Group, we bring together a skilled team to protect what matters most to you. Our diversified security solutions, from residential protection to expert surveillance, ensure a secure, worry-free environment for your business.

Guarding Services

Frankton Group offers a comprehensive array of security services, designed with adaptability and intelligence. Our highly trained, licensed, and professional security teams provide services including close protection & residential security, construction security, and front of house security, among other specialized roles. We ensure our clients operate in safe and secure environments.

K9 Services

Our specialized K9 services include canine forensic search and detection, cadaver detection, crime scene detection, explosives detection, narcotics detection, substance detection, and arson detection. Our trained canines also excel in identifying contraband and cash, providing a versatile, effective addition to your security arsenal.

Mobile Security

Our Key Holding and Alarm Response service eliminates the inconvenience of attending false alarms and reduces physical risk for employees. Frankton Group, as your primary key holder, will respond to alarm activations, liaise with necessary parties, and re-secure your premises swiftly and efficiently.

Close Protection

At Frankton Group, our professional close protection officers, boasting military backgrounds, cater to various high-risk individuals and scenarios. Equipped with extensive global experience and local intel, they adapt to each client’s unique needs. Our officers, all SIA close protection licensed, undergo annual in-house training to stay updated with the latest legislations.

Intelligence & Investigations

Our experts, veterans of covert intelligence units globally, offer support in mobile foot surveillance, close target reconnaissance, expeditionary surveillance, and covert video and audio collection. With our intelligence collection capabilities, we provide insight and security in complex situations.

Pen testing

Considering the significant cybercrime risks businesses face, Frankton Group offers Cyber Penetration Tests, simulating cyber-attacks to evaluate your system’s security. Our security consultants identify vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive technical report with detailed findings, evidence, and recommendations to bolster your security model.


Drawing on vast experience in global covert intelligence units, our experts offer mobile foot surveillance, close target reconnaissance, expeditionary surveillance, covert video and audio collection, and intelligence collection capabilities.

RST Services

We provide Residential Security Teams (RSTs) for senior executives, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, professional athletes, diplomats, and those at risk of being targeted. Offering both visible and discreet service, our RSTs conduct regular patrols, deter potential threats, and ensure the safety of your home or estate.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Key Holding & Alarm Response” service ensures your business’s 24/7 security. As your primary key holder, we promptly respond to any alarm activations, manage any incidents, and swiftly restore security, giving you peace of mind while you focus on your core business.


Experience Top-Notch security services provided by our experts.

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