Building Digital Defences for a Secure Tomorrow

In the rapidly evolving digital world, Frankton Group stands as your cyber-shield. With services like Penetration Testing and advanced surveillance, we help secure your digital landscape, letting you navigate the future with confidence.


A qualified security consultant conducts an external penetration test, with the aim to identify vulnerabilities and provide the client with information regarding their risk exposure. 


A 24/7 Control Room will be manned by experienced and qualified security controllers who oversee live monitoring of all operations and are trained to respond to alarms, offering quick decision-making and fast response.

Access Control

Frankton Group offer the supply, design and installation of technology-leading access control systems for various clients ranging from temporary construction sites, industrial facilities, warehouses, and etc.


We are trusted by business owners to ensure we prioritise the importance and understanding of Fire Safety. We ensure all fire alarms are designed and installed to the highest standards to meet the complex needs.

Intruder Alarms

We install and provide maintenance to efficient and technology-leading Intruder alarm systems tailored to suit your needs. Your alarms can also be remotely monitored in compliance with police and insurance requirements.

UAV & Drones

Frankton Group can provide Drone security 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Drone security Remote Pilots can cover larger areas at greater frequency and provide superior data for routine surveys and incident reports.


We are a technical security that combats counter-surveillance cases by running background checks, conducting Technical Surveillance Counter measures, by operating computer forensics to eliminate spyware or malware, and determining if bugs are present.

Remote Monitoring

All major incidents are coordinated from our control room, and all remote CCTV surveillance is undertaken here by our team of highly trained, professional CCTV operatives. The control room allows us to keep an eye on your assets and manage our security response.


Experience Top-Notch technology services provided by our experts.

It’s time to elevate your security strategy. Connect with our team of experts now for a personalised consultation.

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