The Storyline of Frankton

In the world of security services, Frankton has emerged not just as a provider but as a pioneer in delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to modern needs.


Founded, in 2017, initially as a consultancy firm specializing in Security training, Vulnerability assessments, Penetration tests, and Security plans, Frankton quickly made its mark in the industry. The name “Frankton” itself carries historical significance, drawn from Operation Frankton, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Cockleshell Hero’s.


What set Frankton apart from the onset was its foundation deeply rooted in ex-Forces and Military backgrounds, particularly individuals with experience in Special forces. This background not only lent credibility but also instilled a culture of precision, efficiency, and adaptability within the organization.


As the demands of security evolved, so did Frankton. By the end of 2017, the company made a strategic move by introducing Manned Guarding and Perimeter hoarding, forging partnerships with industry giants like MULTIPLEX. This expansion marked a significant turning point, allowing Frankton to extend its reach and offer a wider array of services to its clientele.


Frankton’s evolution didn’t stop there. Recognizing the need for holistic security solutions, the company continued to diversify its offerings. This led to the incorporation of K9 Patrol Units, utilizing the keen senses and unparalleled instincts of trained canines to bolster security measures. Additionally, Frankton ventured into technologies, providing clients with CCTV Systems and Remote Monitoring capabilities, ensuring round-the-clock vigilance and swift response to any security threats.


Through strategic innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence, Frankton has transformed from its humble beginnings as a consultancy firm into a destination for comprehensive security solutions. With a blend of military precision, industry expertise, and technological prowess, Frankton stands at the forefront of safeguarding both assets and peace of mind in.

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