Career Development Within Frankton

Meet Voislav Ardzhanliev, a testament to Frankton’s commitment to career development.
Voislav embarked on his journey with Frankton in 2019 as a security officer. Since, he has ascended the ranks, showcasing exemplary dedication and skill advancement.

Developing his skills as a security officer before being promoted to a Security Supervisor for prominent London sites such as 22 Bishopsgate, 100 Bishopsgate, Damac Tower, and The Broadway 8-10, Voislav led a team of 20 security operatives. His responsibilities included overseeing team onboarding, coordinating site inductions, and ensuring all activities aligned with the established security plan. Through vigilant monitoring, he successfully averted security breaches, fostering a safe environment for staff and visitors while securing the sites.

Voislav’s next role as a Security Team Leader saw him taking charge of security operations at an active military base in a 15th-century building. The diverse environment included sports grounds catering to Rugby, Football, Cricket, car shows, and various outdoor events. Voislav spearheaded strategic and tactical security leadership, emphasizing professional development within his team. His effective staff planning, coordination, and delegation increased team productivity.

In May, Voislav transitioned to Night Operation Manager, a position of trust and responsibility. During night shifts, he diligently checks each site in London, ensuring compliance with the uniform, code of conduct, and safety protocols. On-call for any site issues throughout the night, Voislav meticulously compiles detailed reports for each shift. These reports facilitate seamless handovers, contributing to the overall efficiency of the team.

Voislav Ardzhanliev’s remarkable journey within Frankton highlights not only his adaptability across various security contexts but also his leadership prowess in managing teams and ensuring operational excellence. His meticulous attention to detail in the Night Operation Manager role underscores his commitment to upholding the highest standards


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