Chris Oliver, our former Head Of Operations , has re-joined Frankton as a Non-Executive Director!


Chris draws experience from a 16-year old military career in the Royal Marines, Special Forces (SBS) and was deployed on operations to Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan, before leaving the military in 2015.

Chris also has 8 years in the security Industry, currently working with a British multinational universal bank as Vice President of global security office as well as (Directing Staff) on channel 4 show – SAS: Who dares, wins.

Chris excels in delivering complex multi-function operations and offering strategic guidance to multi-national agencies. He adeptly addresses capability shortfalls through tailored training programs. As an operation leader in counterterrorism, he demonstrates global planning prowess. Chris’s commitment extends to developing intelligence strategies, delivering high-level security briefings globally, and navigating complex challenges in cross-agency operations. His return marks an asset, aligning leadership and strategy for Frankton’s success and innovation.

Chris is originally from Sunderland, the Northeast of England and now currently lives in Poole with his Long-Term partner and two Children . Chris has many hobbies and likes to keep fit! He enjoys running and going to the Gym.

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