Protecting Your Sites from ‘Urbex’

The surge in Urban Explorers, or ‘Urbex,’ poses an ongoing challenge to UK building security, particularly in London. To address this, surveillance groups and law enforcement, including the MET POLICE, are collaborating to counteract Urbex risks.


Collaboration with Operation Sagittarius:

Frankton, a key contributor, collaborates closely with Operation Sagittarius. Led by the City of London Police. This initiative focuses on proactive measures to monitor and curb Urbex activities, utilizing intelligence from social media sweeps and real-time monitoring.


Frankton’s Expertise and Advocacy:

As a member of The City Security Council of London and B4 Secure, Frankton acts as a subject matter expert advocating for stricter laws and court injunctions against Urban Explorers. This aligns with the 5-layer defence strategy, integrating legal measures with intelligence-driven initiatives.


Preplanning and Reinforced Defences:

Collaborative preplanning aims to anticipate and effectively respond to potential Urbex threats. Beyond law enforcement, partnerships extend to Multiplex, emphasizing a shared commitment to fortify defences against security threats.


The united efforts against Urban Explorers in the UK, led by Frankton and Operation Sagittarius, exemplify a proactive stance. By combining intelligence-driven strategies, legal frameworks, and collaborative endeavours, these measures contribute to a more secure urban landscape, preserving the vibrancy of cities like London from unauthorized exploration.



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