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Are you really secure?

Are you really secure? Greg squatted down behind the entrance pillar and watched the security guards in reception.  The shadows hid him from view and the guards weren’t paying any attention to anything beyond their desk.  Little did they realise they were being watched. He’d spent most of the afternoon wandering the corridors of Wyndham …

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London Calling

London Calling Whilst we are all aware of the threats large European cities face in today’s world, it may come as a surprise to some that the Urban Explorer network is bringing new challenges to large-scale construction projects across our capital. These well organised groups spend time and effort scoping potential targets with a view …

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Branching Out

Branching Out Frankton Group are now about to venture away from the shores of the UK with some of our more established clients. This includes but not limited to; North America, West Africa and the Middle East. With this in mind, we are fully aware that risk mitigatation starts at the pre-mobilisation phase. We are pleased …

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New Team, New Era

New Team, New Era Frankton Group are pleased to announce that we are now live with our new team of consultants. They are all ex-military personnel from a varied background including but not limited to; Special-forces, Intelligence agencies, counter-terrorism and frontline operational specialist units. This allows us to bring in different skillsets that we feel …

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