Operation Frankton

The Storyline of Frankton

In the world of security services, Frankton has emerged not just as a provider but as a pioneer in delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to modern needs.   Founded, in 2017, initially as a consultancy firm specializing in Security training, Vulnerability assessments, Penetration tests, and Security plans, Frankton quickly made its mark in the industry. The […]

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Interview with Chris Oliver- Our non-Executive Director and Ex-Special Forces Operative

An Insightful Dialogue with Chris: Exploring His Professional Journey and Expertise.   Chris, a distinguished member of our board of non-executive directors, boasts a remarkable portfolio with his extensive expertise as a security professional and Military background. Before assuming his current role, he held the esteemed position of Operations Manager within our organization. Through a

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Manned Guards

Ensuring Top-Notch Security: The Role of Manned Guarding at Frankton

In the realm of security services, manned guarding stands as a cornerstone of protection, offering a human touch to ensure safety and peace of mind. At Frankton, we take pride in prioritizing manned guarding as one of our key features, dedicated to providing round-the-clock protection with the best of the best guards.   Selection and

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Canine Guard dogs

Enhancing Security with Canine Patrols in Various Sectors

In the realm of security solutions, canine patrols have emerged as a versatile and effective tool to safeguard vacant properties, and construction sites, handle site evictions, ensure event security, and respond swiftly to temporary or emergencies. This article explores the invaluable role that trained dogs and their handlers play in deterring unauthorized activities and enhancing

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Security Measures

Types of security controls

Several types of security controls can be implemented to protect hardware, software, networks, and data from actions and events that could cause loss or damage. One of the most straightforward models for classifying controls is by type: physical, technical, or administrative, and by function: preventative, detective, and corrective. For example: Types – Physical Technical Administrative

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Image of hacker- Cybercrime Preventing Cyber crime

Fortifying Digital Defences

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime, adversaries have become highly professionalized, employing sophisticated tactics to exploit vulnerabilities on a large scale. This pervasive threat poses immense challenges to businesses, governments, and individuals alike, with no immediate relief in sight. However, amidst the ominous shadows cast by these digital adversaries, a glimmer of hope emerges in

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Images of London at night from sky scrapers

Protecting Your Sites from ‘Urbex’

The surge in Urban Explorers, or ‘Urbex,’ poses an ongoing challenge to UK building security, particularly in London. To address this, surveillance groups and law enforcement, including the MET POLICE, are collaborating to counteract Urbex risks.   Collaboration with Operation Sagittarius: Frankton, a key contributor, collaborates closely with Operation Sagittarius. Led by the City of

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Honourable Artillery Company - Security

Our work with HAC

Delighted to share, the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) embarked on a remarkable journey! With its origins tracing back to its incorporation by Royal Charter by King Henry VIII on the 25th of August 1537. With a history steeped in tradition, the HAC has evolved over the centuries, becoming a registered charity in 1964 to embrace

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